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Chora Kythira

The fortress of Chora

The Venetian castle or “Fortezza”, a fortress from the 13th century stands imposingly over the capital Chora. The location of the castle, between the Aegean Sea, the Ionian and Cretan Sea was of strategic importance. It was also called the “Eye of Crete“, as you could control the movements of the ships. Passing by the renovated old houses we walk up on a cobblestone path to the castle. Earlier you only had access via the “Fossa”, the tunnel. On the left side you will see the prison and on the right the old cisterns. The view from the castle on Kapsali and in good weather to Crete is breathtaking.

Additional Points of Interest

Fortress of Chora and Psiloreitis mountain in Crete

The fortress of Chora and Crete in the background